Implant Restorative Study Club May 2013

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1. STRAUMANNImplant Restorative Study ClubMay 9, 2013Follow-up on Fixed Hybrid 2. Overview: Fixed HybridSolution Accelerated treatment…
  • 1. STRAUMANNImplant Restorative Study ClubMay 9, 2013Follow-up on Fixed Hybrid
  • 2. Overview: Fixed HybridSolution Accelerated treatment timeline (extractions w/ immediate placement; nodistal grafting to develop bone required for straight-placed implants Hybrid prosthetic option= a FRACTION of the $ of fixed PFM restorations Functional and esthetic benefits of a fixed prosthesisBenefits of Treatment Option:From here……to here in one clinical day.
  • 3. Overview: Fixed Hybrid Denture This treatment option is NOT suited for every patient! Successful outcomes are highly reliant on multi-disciplinary planning(Surg/GP/Lab/TM) Patient expectations must be managed by Surg & GP: Goal is long-termoutcome, not immediate. NO Chewing/Function for 8 weeks ALL CASES receive a temporary denture, ideally fixed w/in 24hrs ofsurgery. Primary stability of implants is mandatory for immediate loading Fees quoting as package: Surgery, Temp & Final Prostheses coordin-ated by surgeon & GP is the “ClearChoice” pricing model. (Good idea…) N-B early cases didn’t use metal-reinforced hybrid prosthesesConsiderations:
  • 4. Straumann® SolutionPatient Profile:Surgeon’s Reservations: Younger/more demanding patients who want esthetics & function of fixedprosthesis (not LOCATOR®…), but don’t want to spend for a C&B restoration Patients facing full mouth extractions, or currently edentulous patientsinterested in avoiding time & GBR to establish adequate bone dimension forgood posterior cross-arch stability of a prosthesis Many surgeons won’t consider 4-implant treatment as legitimate option No “fall back” position if one of 4 fails… Surgical and Restorative complexity: major alveoplasty required for idealprosth design (12-15mm implant-to-incisal edge, 6-8mm implant-to-CEJ)reluctant to perform extractions w/ immediate placement. Patient Acceptance limited due to considerable cost of treatment
  • 5. STRAUMANNFinal considerations and follow-up on issues raised in Q&A• Significant and rapid evolution of prosth design options affords ability to deliveresthetic AND cleansable temp and final prostheses.However, This is Reliant upon:• The Surgical protocol developed advocates for drastic alveoplasty (12-15mmfrom top-of-implant to planned incisal edge, and 6-8mm from top-of-implant totemp and final prosthesis’ CEJ) for most esthetic and cleansable prosthoutcome.Options:1) Either accept drastic alveoplasty needed to provide optimal prosth designor, obtain patient commitment to maintenance appointment of longer-flangeprosthesis every 12 mos.2) Non-Fixed Prosthetic option– many time-proven options available:(Locators, Bar & Clip, Spark-Erosion denture, etc…)
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