Innovation and Strategic Design

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Our Resource Manager from Designit Madrid, Anxo López, talked at the EBE event this November. EBE is the largest social web event for the Spanish speaking community. It takes place every year in Sevilla (Spain). Anxo prepared this presentation to answer questions as: What is innovation? Is design an innovative discipline? What can a designer do to innovate? Is design a strategic discipline? What can bring a designer to companies creating new products and services?
  • 1. Innovation and Strategic Design #EBE13 Anxo López Resource Manager, Designit @anxolopez | @Designit_ES
  • 2. 4 things to start with
  • 3. 1. Keep curiosity alive Photo URL:
  • 4. 2. Find out how things work Photo URL:
  • 5. 3. Let yourself be surprised by the ordinary Photo URL:
  • 6. 4. Don’t be afraid of uncertainty Photo URL:
  • 7. 4 things about design and innovation
  • 8. 1. Design sets its focus on problem solving Photo URL:
  • 9. 2. Innovation builds the foundations for change Photo URL:
  • 10. 3. Design is not based on coincidence Photo URL:
  • 11. 4. Innovation doesn’t mean doing new things Photo URL:
  • 12. 4 things that design does for a company
  • 13. 1. Answers the needs of its customers Photo URL:
  • 14. 2. Pursues objectives by request Photo URL:
  • 15. 3. It’s limited to a certain constraints Photo URL:
  • 16. 4. Gets measurable objectives Photo URL:
  • 17. 4 things that designers have made
  • 18. 1. Re-invented workspace Photo URL:
  • 19. 1. Re-invented workspace Photo URL:
  • 20. 2. Designed a new customer experience Photo URL:
  • 21. 2. Designed a new customer experience Photo URL:
  • 22. The old definitions of design have been overtaken by the unstable nature of the objects Deyan Sudjic
  • 23. 3. Humanized computer interface Photo URL:
  • 24. 3. Humanized computer interface Photo URL:
  • 25. 4. Increased customer satisfaction Photo URL:
  • 26. 4. Increased customer satisfaction Photo URL:
  • 27. 4 things to consider working with designers
  • 28. 1. Choose the right designer Photo URL:
  • 29. 2. Show him all your cards (from the beginning) Photo URL:
  • 30. 3. Let yourself flow, don’t set the forms Photo URL:
  • 31. Don’t (just) say "I dislike" Photo URL:
  • 32. 4 things about my work
  • 33. @ Aarhus Barcelona Copenhagen Curitiba Göteborg London Madrid München Oslo San Francisco São Paulo Shanghai Stockholm Tel Aviv Tokio We help you to make sense of innovation We create and give form to ideas working together with your teams and your clients
  • 34. 295+ Designits 15 offices around the world 16 different nationalities 36 different academic backgrounds 32 average age
  • 35. Business Design Creating and conceptualizing new business ideas through specific tools and methodologies. Design Research Service Design Multiple investigation techniques applied to design processes. Improving or creating new services through design tools and skills. Product Design Information Design Modification and creation of objects to make them useful and practical. Translation of complex information or unorganized data into structured, meaningful and accessible information. Interaction Design Metrics Creating simple and attractive user experiences to digital products and services. QUO, online methodology to measure the perceived quality of a digital environment complementing web analytics.
  • 36. The Experience
  • 37. This is not about designing things that nobody wants. Neither about designing for problems that do not exist.
  • 38. Design should serve to improve
  • 39. Design should serve to improve Thanks! @anxolopez @Designit_ES
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