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1. Are we a country of Jugad? 2. Title Its Apt. Book is very interactive in nature and content of the book is relevant to the title. Purpose – Preface The Author has…
  • 1. Are we a country of Jugad?
  • 2. Title Its Apt. Book is very interactive in nature and content of the book is relevant to the title. Purpose – Preface The Author has been successful in achieving his intended objective
  • 3. General field Innovation and shifting orbit in the business are you in and the content/stories fits very well in the field Point of view ? The work is to inspire Corporate leaders to think differently and challenge to status Quo Author's style Formal style as it deals with the subject in a serious way and storytelling technique has been used ,which suits the intended Audience. concepts clearly defined The underline concepts and patterns in different fields have been identified and developed very clearly which gets imbibed in the heart of the reader. Q&A
  • 4. Q&A Story telling style. . Character in the stories relate very well to the theme . The structure of each story is same though the plot is different . This make the USP of the Book. Information in the book as very authentic and research based. Could have used more graphical representation to depict various models adopted by organization under research . The author have used more of secondary data which makes the work really authentic. The author has used the data
  • 5. 6 years of research by Erehwon Innovation Consulting & Marico Innovation Foundation. Written by Porus Munshi, innovation consultant Met 180 people across 40 industries and sectors to identify ‘orbit shifting’ innovators Personal Leadership is at the centre of igniting the process, but eventually they show a way of scaling up by innovations by way of methodical institutionalization of path-breaking ideas. Intrinsic Empowerment fuel ‘Orbit shifting’ efforts Stories were chosen based on pattern that each of the innovators had shifted his industry orbit in some way The canvas is broad ranging from corporate, NGOs to bureaucracy Message to Indians – “ Take Charge” & “We can do it” in our own way. Book Summary
  • 6. Q&A
  • 7. Large Canvas Research Personal Leadership Orbit Shifting Efforts Story Telling Message
  • 8. Structure Orbit Shifting Challenge • Arvind Eye Hospital • Dainik Bhaskar Breakthrough Strategy • Cavin Care • ITC-IBD Enrollment Challenge • Trichy Police •Chola Vehicle Finance Combating Dilution • Surat Transformation • Shanta Bio-tech
  • 9. The Format Of Each Story Hero Legacy Opportunity What Did He Do? Barriers Result Orbit Shifting Idea
  • 10. What did he do?
  • 11. Hero: Dr. Govindappa Venkataswamy ( Dr. V) Legacy: Limited capability of eye surgeons to conduct surgeries Non affordable surgeries for the under privileged Opportunity: To eliminate blindness through free surgeries
  • 12. Started with a 11 bed home hospital selling jewellery Hospital staff was recruited from local villages 10th passand trained for 2 years Adopted the assembly line operations of Mc Donald model to conduct surgeries. 2 surgeons conduct 4 surgeries in 1 operations theatre, back to back from 7 AM to 1 PM. completing30 surgeriesper day. An average ophthalmologist operates on 250 to 400 patients. Whereas Aravind Ophthalmologist using the McDonald inspired assembly line technique enhanced the productivity of each surgeon 10 times. Each one operateson 2000 patientsper year. Currently 286000 surgeries a year and will touch 1 million by 2015 What did he do?
  • 13. Barriers Funding for their first hospital. At the age of 56, nobodywasready to lend capital to Dr. V Result : Only 30%of their patientspay for treatment and rest go free of charge and yet the hospitalmakes35% operatingprofit.
  • 14. Orbit ShiftingIdea : Building productivity through Mc Donald assembly line . The Bizmodel adoptedwasthat of STD–Booth and Xerox, where more the numbers, more the profit, continuing to serve thecommunity
  • 15. Hero: C. K. Ranganathan (Ranga) Legacy: Giant MNC players in the market demanding huge market share. Hardly any start-up wanting to fight the war Opportunity: Large part of geographical area, i.e. villages and lower economic state of India not touched by MNC.
  • 16. What did he do? With a paltry sum of Rs 15000, He became the largest Shampoo Sachet seller in the South. ‘I’d like to be a catalyst of change’ C. K. Ranganathan
  • 17. Launched shampoo Chik sachet for Rs. 1 Introduced Unique exchange offer to build recall and repeat value. ( 4 shampoo sachet for Rs. 1 Chik ) later it was (4 Chik sachet to 1 Chik sachet). Sales went up and became the 2nd largest sold shampoo in TN Targeted the untapped rural market through 50 paise pouch Targeted the untapped urban market through state-wise natural products based shampoos such as Ritha, Shikakai and Hibiscus. What did he do?
  • 18. Emerged as No.1 shampoo in the south Diversified in to machine packed pickle pouches. ‘Chinni’ emerged as the largest sachet pickle in India. Diversified in to milk & saffron based premium fairness cream. Today 8% of India's market share. As against established distributor, choose to experiment with new distributors. What did he do?
  • 19. Barriers Funding of Rs. 15,000 Result: With an investment of Rs. 15,000 it is today at 700 crores in revenue  No1 hair wash company in south followed by P& G and Hindustan Unilever  No. 1 pickle sachet company in India
  • 20. Orbit ShiftingIdea : Unique Sales & Marketing Strategy
  • 21. Hero: Agarwal Family Legacy: Newspaper industry being dominated by a few well established players and entry barrier for new players Opportunity: Design and develop a newspaper based on customer needs
  • 22. “ To reach the heavens” What did he do? They Started with a combined Dream. Agarwal Family
  • 23. What did he do? Intense research strategy . Instead of sampling, chose to reach out to the end customer to learn their requirements. Research Team was huge --- students, graduates and first time job seekers trained in engaging with the customers . 2 questions asked were “ What is missing in your current newspaper ?” & “What do you want your newspaper to do to you ?”. The newspaper was evolving with customer needs.
  • 24. Built Customer Commitment : Designed an ‘advance subscription’ with a ‘guarantee bond’ for lower price against the stand price and more important refund of money incase customers were unhappy with the product. Localisation of newspapers. E.g. Hinglish newspaper in Candigarh Freebies, better design…etc What did he do?
  • 25. Barriers Well established players in every state & breaking the establised brand loyalty Result: No. 1 from day 1 in every city of launch – Jaipur, Chandigarh, Haryana, Ahmedabad Largest read newspaper in the country.Top 25 dailies of the world. Multiple titles in 3 langauges across 9 states of India
  • 26. Orbit ShiftingIdea : Intense Research model & high level of engagement with end customer. Customisation and localisation based on customer requirements
  • 27. Hero: J. K. Tripathy (Tripathy) Legacy: Corrupt image of police Inadequate intelligence sources Opportunity: Public police partnership. Building empowerment in police force Knowing pulse of the community
  • 28. What did he do? Radical Innovators like Tripathy often Extremely dissatisfied with the status Quo. The No. 1 reason the more people are not radical innovators is because they fail to imagine a different world. J K Tripathy
  • 29. Select policemen to operate out of home to strengthen intelligence Allowed the police to go beyond the bounds of their conventional roles e.g. Bulling by Tankers He flashed his mobile number to every citizen in the city to get direct un-adulterated info from city He showed by prompt action that 2 things will not be tolerated - Corruption within police force - Pressure from political party What did he do?
  • 30. Barriers Lack of community confidence in police, Corrupt police and political pressures Result: • Crime detection rate increased from 78% to 86 % in a year and up to 95% in 5 years •Crime rate dropped by 40% in 2 years  recovery os stolen good rose to 74% from 41% •Community, NGO, Police, Politicians and bureaucrats started working in harmony.
  • 31. Orbit ShiftingIdea : Making police part of the community, empowering them to take decisions and direct connection with community
  • 32. •Not academic in style or contend ,but Deeply insightful & provocative •Installs constructive restlessness & hopes to inspire new innovation •Book is for corporate ,India and around the Worlds. •It is for Entrepreneurs and not for successful businessmen •For professionals who want to create History & Not merely follow it •It is for those who want to take the charge of the SITUATION Conclusion
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