Philips: 21st Century Shaving

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The project objective was to choose a target market and devise a communication strategy in order to recruit new customers and foster brand loyalty. We proposed a new marketing campaign that leverages taglines and marketing copy directed at non-users, designed to help them overcome purchase barriers we identified through primary research.
  • 1. S Effortlessly Manly TEAM A
  • 2. Agenda • Objectives • What? • Who? • How? • Conclusion
  • 3. Objectives • Business objective: Launch a new product in order to increase market share by 2% within a year. • Research objective: Identify and overcome barriers to convert razor users to electric shavers.
  • 4. Upgradeable entry-level product that doesn´t cannibalize the expensive segment and minimizes feature fatigue. Impact of Business Objective per Segment of Interest. Evolution of Value Market Shares 2011-2012.
  • 5. Methodology 1. Primary Research 2. Qualitative Research In-depth Interviews Focus Group 3. Observational Research Philips Competition (Electronic Shaver and Blade) 4. Quantitative Research Online Survey
  • 6. Target 18-25 year-olds: physically developed males that will influence the next generation. A sound long-term strategy.
  • 7. The Profile • Young with a busy life • Wants an easy, clean shave • Shaving boosts his self-esteem • Self-taught through trial & error • Likes to experiment • Not aware of the current benefits (education) • Does not discuss shaving habits with others
  • 8. Introducing: Effortlessly Manly… Innovation that matters to you. • Appealing to end-user and influencers • Focus on attitudinal (awareness and education) to minimize the lack of knowledge re: how to use the machine • Differentiates category by associating it with convenience attribute (i.e. bigger pie is a win- win situation for leader)
  • 9. Optimized according to seasonal demand with intent to cross-sell accessories during low peaks.
  • 10. 1. ATL to Create Flow Sprinkler Theory: you can tell where a sprinkler is by the location of the drops of water. • Strategically place our OOH at our target´s points of interest (sprinklers) in order to maximize reach • Be engaging and relevant in digital media in order to accompany them through their daily activities on their mobile • Create a logical flow from the points of interest to stores • Reinforce the strategy with TV
  • 11. 2. BTL focused on demonstrations of the product to overcome barriers and risk involved in the purchase. • POS promotions before and during peak periods (November and February) • Brand archetype: the King (safety and trust)
  • 12. Budget allocation that reflects the target´s media consumption and the attitudinal objective.
  • 13. No modifications on channel strategy. Information not representative enough.
  • 14. How do we overcome barriers? CONSIDERATION BARRIERS: I don’t understand the benefits of electric over blade Education: • At point of sale by experts • YouTube videos can go viral by means of influential bloggers, instagrammers and Snap Chatters TRIGGER BARRIERS: • Electric is not for me, it is old fashioned and irrelevant • I like my existing method Communication of the Effortlessly Manly Campaign in effective ways, reinforcing the brand message of “innovation that matters to you” POSTPURCHASE BARRIERS: • I don’t talk about shaving with my friends • Bad product experience in the first weeks of usage - irritation, not close enough, etc. Web mining and online observational research to identify the Alpha Males and target them with offers and free products. The rest of the herd will follow. PURCHASE BARRIERS: • Still unsure which product is right for me • Competitor on special offer Reinforcement of the versatility of the product: one purchase fits all EVALUATION BARRIERS: • Highly competitive & cluttered category • High upfront initial cost vs. blades Communication of the savings realized in the long run
  • 15. Thank you. Team A Dana Naja Danai Mila Juanjo Pedro Sarquis Masha Zvereva Manu Dubey Terri Mortrud
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