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Servisni manual Centropelet zv zvb
  TUZ-0 3 -2015-ENG TECHNICAL INSTRUCTIONS f  or authorized service CentroPelet ZV/ZVB   (Centropelet ZV14-32 / ZVB 15-30) HEATING TECHNIQUE  Centrometal d.o.o.  - Glavna 12, 40306 Macinec, Hrvatska, tel: +385 40 372 600, fax: +385 40 372 61 1  MAIN COMPONENTS OF THERMOSTOVE The stoves are equipped with the following mechanical and electrical components: 1.Fan environment  (only CentroPelet ZV)   The fan, located at the top of the stove, blows the hot air coming from the stove body. The fan is tangential. 2. Ignition Resistance Resistance candle is located behind the combustion chamber, the tube ignition. The candle is designed to heat the air that is sucked by the smoke fan.  3.Room Sensor Probe environment, on the back of the stove, detects the temperature in the room. 4. Fume extractor and smokes temperature sensor (or thermocouple)   The fume extractor allows proper combustion in the stoves, creating a slight depression. The thermocouple used to control the output temperature of gases. It’ positioned above the engine smoke extractor and action, arresting the combustion process, where the smoke temperature reaches excessive values. Smokes temperature sensor 5.Pressure Sensor It 'a protective device that measures the proper depression of the flue. In case there are problems with draft or obstructions along the duct exhaust pipes acts by blocking the loading of pellets and generating an alarm that sends off the stove.  6. Pellet thermostat with manual reset The thermostat of the pellet is used to control the temperature that is reached inside the tank. The sensor bulb is located on the front of the tank. Where there is excessive heat inside the container of the pellet that triggered the alarm, you must reset the thermostat via the button located under the black hood on the back stove. The temperature of action is set at 85 ° C (100 ° C for early models) 7.Water temperature sensor and safety thermostat   The temperature sensor is used to monitor the water temperature reached by the water inside the boiler. The safety thermostat, instead, in the circumstances in which there is an over-temperature water. In this case, to restart the stove, you need to rearm the thermostat via the button located under the black hood on the back stove. The temperature of action is set at 100 ° C Reset button Reset Button
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