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  Energy being An  energy being  or  astral being  is a wide spread phe-nomenal life form that is composed of energy rather than matter. They appear in myths/legends, paranormal/UFO accounts, and in various works of speculative fiction.Energy beings are typically rendered as a translucentglowing fluid or as a collection of flames or electricalsparks or bolts; somewhat in common with the represen-tations of ghosts.Energy beings have a variety of capacities. The Taelons(from  Earth: Final Conflict  ) are barely more powerfulthan mortals, while others such as Star Trek's Q, Stargate SG-1's Ascended Ancients/Ori, Ben 10: Alien Force's Anodites, or the Meekrob from  Invader Zim  possess god-like powers. 1 In science fiction ã  Vorlons (Babylon 5) ã  Some of the First Ones (Babylon 5) ã  TheextraterrestrialPaulinthescience-fictionfilmofthe same name, although not constructed of energy,can manipulate energy both telepathically and phys-ically. He can repair damaged tissue in a form ofresurrection, and he can also project an image of theUniverse into a human mind and make them com-prehend the immensity of space-time. His homegalaxy is the Andromeda Galaxy, thus placing himin this category. ã  Organians (Star Trek) ã  Prophets and Pah Wraiths (Star Trek) ã  The Q (Star Trek) ã  Etherials from Marvel Comics ã  Ascended people in Stargate SG-1 ã  Drej (Titan A.E.) ã  C'tan (Warhammer 40,000) ã  Naaru and Ethereals (World of Warcraft) ã  The Taelons (Earth: Final Conflict) ã  Gwen Tennyson, and her grandmother Verdona areAnodites from Ben 10: Alien Force ã  Cirronians and possibly Vardians (Tracker) ã  The astronaut David Bowman is transformed intoa 'Star Child' at the conclusion of 2001 A SpaceOdyssey ã  Kheldians and Nictus (City of Heroes). ã  FMians, AMians, UMAs, and Wizards fromMegaman Starforce which also have the ability tomerge with a human in which form they can go be-tween energy and physical. ã  Andromeda (Heroes of Newerth) ã  The Meekrob from Invader Zim ã  The Embers of Muuat and the Ghosts of Creussfrom Twilight Imperium ã  The Zoni (Ratchet & Clank) ã  Archons and Dark Archons in the StarCraft gamefranchise ã  Zzzax (Marvel Comics) ã  Pyron (Darkstalkers) ã  Tornatron ã  Living Laser (Marvel Comics) ã  Akira from Akira (film) ã  Yog, an amoeba-like Energy being from  SpaceAmoeba ã  Melllvar and his mother from  Futurama 2 See also ã  Anchimayen ã  Demons ã  Jinn 3 References ã  Karunanayake,Gamini(2002-09-22). “Isthere'life'after death? . Sunday Observer. Retrieved 2007-05-01. ã  Shastri, P. D. (1999-12-26). “Spinning tales in thename of Sai Baba”. Tribune India. Retrieved 2007-05-01.1  2  4 TEXT AND IMAGE SOURCES, CONTRIBUTORS, AND LICENSES  4 Text and image sources, contributors, and licenses 4.1 Text ã  Energy being  Source:  Contributors:   Bryan Derksen, Auric, Grutness,Melaen, Rjwilmsi, MacRusgail, Wavelength, Erielhonan, Avt tor, Open2universe, Nikkimaria, Fram, NeilN, SmackBot, Arny, Ohnoits-jamie, Nima Baghaei, Perfectblue97, Camilo Sanchez, FrostyBytes, AndrewHowse, Cydebot, Cyberguru, Noclevername, MarshBot, Voor-tle, Lfstevens, Alvaroludolf, Wiendietry~enwiki, DarthBotto, Gyrorobo, TFCforever, Martarius, SchreiberBike, DrOxacropheles, MystBot,Addbot, Bharsha, Favonian, Yobot, Againme, AnomieBOT, Jim1138, Stanislao Avogadro, ArthurBot, LilHelpa, Cflare, J04n, GrouchoBot,Wielder of Torvater, Obankston, EmausBot, GoingBatty, Misty MH, NickGrayLOL, Yetisyny, Electric29, MrBill3, Zereyyooo, Vonden-burg, BrayLockBoy, Nandapareshbhanushali, JamesMort2011, Worfthing, Jerodlycett and Anonymous: 60 4.2 Images ã  File:Ambox_globe_content.svg  Source:  License:  Public domain  Contributors:   Own work, using File:Information icon3.svg and File:Earth clip art.svg  Original artist:   penubag ã  File:Ambox_important.svg  Source:  License:   Public do-main  Contributors:   Own work, based off of Image:Ambox scales.svg  Original artist:   Dsmurat (talk  ·  contribs) ã  File:Question_book-new.svg  Source:  License:   Cc-by-sa-3.0 Contributors:  Created from scratch in Adobe Illustrator. Based on Image:Question book.png created by User:Equazcion  Original artist:  Tkgd2007 4.3 Content license ã  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
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