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   INTRODUCTION  The India Retail Industry is the largest among all the industries,accounting for over 10 per cent of the country’s GDP and around 8 percent of the employment The Retail Industry in India has come for this oneof the most dynamic and fast paced industries !ith several playersentering the mar et #ut all of them have not yet tasted success $ecauseof the heavy initial investments that are re%uired to $rea even !ith othercompanies and compete !ith them The India Retail Industry is graduallyinching its !ay to!ards $ecoming the ne&t $oom industry The totalconcept and idea of shopping has undergone an attention dra!ing changein terms of format and consumer $uying $ehaviour, ushering in arevolution in shopping in India 'odern retailing has entered into theRetail mar et in India as is o$served in the form of $ustling shoppingcenters, multi(storied malls and the huge comple&es that o)er shopping,entertainment and food all under one roof * large young !or ingpopulation !ith median age of + years, nuclear families in ur$an areas,along !ith increasing !or ing!omen population and emergingopportunities in the services sector are going to $e the ey factors in thegro!th of the organi-ed Retail sector in India The gro!th pattern inorgani-ed retailing and in the consumption made $y the Indian population!ill follo! a rising graph helping the ne!er $usinessmen to enter the IndiaRetail Industry In India the vast middle class and its almost untappedretail industry are the ey attractive forces for glo$al retail giants !antingto enter into ne!er mar ets, !hich in turn !ill help the India RetailIndustry to gro! faster Indian retail is e&pected to gro! +. per centannually 'odern retail in India could $e !orth / 12.(+00 $illion $y+013 The 4ood Retail Industry in India dominates the shopping $as et The 'o$ile phone Retail Industry in India is already a / 132 $illion$usiness, gro!ing at over +0 per cent per year The future of the IndiaRetail Industry loo s promising !ith the gro!ing of the mar et, !ith thegovernment policies $ecoming more favoura$le and the emergingtechnologies facilitating operations History   The history of apparel in India dates $ac to the use of mordant dyes andprinting $loc s around 5000 #6 The foundations of the India7s te&tile trade !ithother countries started as early as the second century #6 * hoard of $loc printed and resist(dyed fa$rics, primarily of Guarati srcin, discovered in thetom$s of 4oster, 9gypt, are the proof of large scale Indian e&port of cottonte&tiles to the 9gypt in medieval periods During the 15th century, Indian sil !asused as $arter for spices from the !estern countries To!ards the end of the 12thcentury, the #ritish 9ast India 6ompanyhad $egan e&ports of Indian sil s andseveral other cotton fa$rics to other economies These included the famous :ne'uslin cloth of #engal, ;rissa and #ihar Painted and printed cottons or chint-!as !idely practiced $et!een India, <ava, 6hina and the Philippines, long $eforethe arrival of the 9uropeans  Growth of Indian apparelindustry in India *pparel industry in India is estimated to reach / 11 $illion $y +0+1from / 32 $illion in +01 Increased penetration of organised retail,favoura$le demographics, and rising income levels are li ely to drivedemand for te&tiles India is the !orld7s second largest e&porter of te&tilesand clothing Retail in India  Retail in India is one of the pillars of its economy and accounts for about 22 percent of its GDP. The Indian retail market estimated to be US$ 5 billion and one of the top fi!e retail markets in the orld by economic !alue. India is one of the fastest #ro in# retail markets in the orld ith %.2 billion people.  &s of 2' India(s retailin# industry as essentially o ner manned small shops. In 2% lar#er format con!enience stores and supermarkets accounted for about ) percent of the industry and these ere present only in lar#e urban centers. India(s retail and lo#istics industry employs about) million Indians *'.'+ of Indian population,. Until 2%% Indian central #o!ernment denied forei#n direct in!estment *-DI, in multi brand retail forbiddin# forei#n #roups from any o nership in supermarkets con!enience stores or any retail outlets. !en sin#le/brand retail as limited to 5%+ o nership and a bureaucratic process.
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