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4.6.2015 Introduction to Stanley Meyer's Research on The Production of Hydrogen Without Electrolysis 949­545­1195 Introduction To Stanley Meyer’s Hydrogen Research  The Water Fuel Cell and Water Fuel Injection System Note: Liability is strictly limited to the cost of the plans. The company will not be liable for personal injury, death or damage to vehicle or property. Research into hydrogen, HHO and high voltage electronics can be extremely hazardous. If you are not careful you could die. Use 
     Stan Meyer discovered a long list of ways to make hydrogen gas from tap water without electrolyte without significant energyconsumption. Meyer converted and drove a VW buggy on the gas for four years. He reported that his 1.6 litre VW engine ranon just 7 liters of HHO a minute. Please note (in the research below) that the hydrogen Stan produced and used to run hisbuggy was modified electrically to produce 3.15 times more energy than gasoline  by means of Stanley Meyer’s invention of the Gas Processor.My company, Powergate Technologies, LLC, has partnered with the researcher who broke thecode of Stanley Meyer’s patents. The fact is that Stanley Meyer, like a lot of inventors, cloakedhis discoveries and methods in obscure terminology (that he made up to suit his purposes). Hethen used his terminology in his patent applications to describe the processes and gave thetranslation ONLY to the patent examiners.My partner has produced a prototype that works exactly like Stanley Meyer’s most advanceddesign. In the process, certain parallel discoveries have expanded the import of Stanley Meyer’s discoveries. We can nowpower a vehicle 100% on distilled water….but, that’s the tip of the iceberg. This technology is far more powerful than evenStanley Meyer may have realized. The hardware that Stanley Meyer created has been experimentally examined by Dr. Eugene Antonov, Dr. Vladimir Dresyiannikov, Dr. Tibor Nagypal, Roy Azevedo, Peter Graneau, Charles Millet, Neal Graneau, Gary Johnson, Rea O’Neill,Prof. Mike Laughton, Admiral Sir Anthony Griffin, Dr Keith Hindley, US military, US Patent Office experts and the PantentOffice seconded experts by whom the claims have been established. The basic Water Fuel Cell (WFC) was subjected tothree years of testing. This raises the granted patents to the level of independent, critical, scientific and engineering confirmation  that the devices actually perform as claimed. My Comment : Scientists, engineers and other pundits who claim that Stan Meyer’s process does not work are agents against changewho have a vested interest in maintaining the present status   and profit structure. Hydrogen: The Ideal Fuel For The Future In one of Stan Meyers presentations he states the following goals:1 - to produce the hydrogen economically from water 2 - adjust the rate of combustion3 - being able to burn the hydrogen gas co-equal to fossil fuels.4 - being able to transport it without spark ignition.In order to solve the puzzle as a scientist you have to ask the right question.How do we switch off the covalent bond of the water molecule and do it economically?We need a way to switch off the bonds and not process the water molecule in any way. For every action there is an equal and  opposite reaction. So when the unlike atoms of the hydrogen atoms covalently link up to the oxygen. Normally the oxygenatom has 8 protons and 8 electrons. But when the oxygen atom accepts the negatively charged electron from the hydrogenatom there is an electrical imbalance. The oxygen atom still has 8 protons but has 10 electrons, it shares 2 electrons with thehydrogen. The first orbit can have 2 electrons, the next orbit can have up to 8. The oxygen is now in a balanced state whilehaving 10 electrons. This gives the hydrogen atom a positive electrical charge. this is how a microwave oven can heat upwater, it swings the molecule. The microwave oven creates a positive and a negative potential and oscillates the molecule.So the molecule has opposite electrical charge Q and Q prime.There is no electromagnetic field between the oxygen and the hydrogen atom. All we have to do is reverse the electrolysisprocess. We don't pump amps into the water. All that is needed is an electrically polarized field. It is known in Physics thatVoltage does absolutely work!P = U * IUnder coulombs law, and Newton's second law it should attract the opposite charge. All one needs to do is setup oppositeelectrical charges and the positive field will be attracting the negative charge, the negative field is repelling the negativecharge. The positive field is repelling the positive charge and the positive field is attracting the negative charge.Faraday didn't discover itWhen Stanley Meyer's patent office clerk realized it was a cold process they asked the infamous question: Why in the world did no one ever think about this? 1 - The knowledge of water will come out of time of great trouble.2 - Faraday didn't discover this process is because he used a relatively crude setup, he needed modern day inventions to beable to do it.2.1 - Faraday didn't have stainless steel (3 or 4) which is chemically inert to the process, it does not chemically react to thehydrogen oxygen molecules.2.2 - He didn't have the prior knowledge that water molecule takes on opposite electrical charges.2.3 - He didn't have modern electronic circuit design to restrict amps and let voltage take over in a dead short condition.There was no way to restrict amps in a dead short condition. The amperage continued to flow. All he had to do was restrict the amps. To do this we had to overcome the electrical attraction force of the water moleculeand cause it to expand; we also had to change the time share rate of the electron. So now we are switching off the bonds of ordinary natural water without processing any other materials and doing it cheaply, ie. without consuming many watts. On thecovalent switch off we are deflecting the negatively charged electrons to the positive voltage field.Here we are translating electrical stress to the particles inside the nucleus. The nucleus is spinning like a gyroscopic, thestress causes it to slow down. When a electrically charged particle moves through an electrostatic field its by product iselectrical energy. The strength of the electrical field is directly related to the speed of the electron. If we slow down the speedwe can weaken the electromagnetic fields of the atoms.  There are 4 forces that affect the atom.1 - electrical force2 - electromagnetic force3 - electrostatic force4 - weak and strong nuclear force.Voltage affects the other 3. If we continuate the electrical field of the atom we continuate all the other fields of the atom. Wecan do this without consuming a great deal of power. The key is to use a voltage intensifier circuit coil   and a resonant cavity  . Water being a dielectric liquid has 8 electrons in its L orbit; it won’t exchange more. It imposes the movement of electrons 17.54 times greater than air.We make a water capacitor and set it up in series between 2 resonant coils making a  resonant charging choke . We set up apulse and amplify for example 12 volt pulses up to 20 000 volts. As we pulse the coil we create a magnetic field in the coil which supposes the movement of the electron. Because of inductive capacitance of the coil we now allow voltage to be applied to the resonant cavity and restrict amperage flow by 90degrees. We tune the  pulse frequency   into the dielectric frequency of water   causing amperage flows to go down to aminimum and Voltage will increase to infinity if the electrical components will allow it to occur.When we move a magnetic field though a coil of wire it dislodges the electron the furthest away. That electron has anelectromagnetic field and we are producing electricity!To restrict the amperage we need a voltage intensifying circuit  . This is basically a special transformer having a primary anda secondary coil. The core is made out of stainless steel 403 fr, because of it's inductance capacitance it allows us to restrictthe amps and operate in a dead short position. The higher the voltage the more hydrogen is produced .Up to this point we are using voltage and stainless steel. Stanley Meyer then progressed to add laser energy to take hisdiscovery to a hydrogen fracturing technology. We raise the voltage to a stage where we pluck off the electrons via anelectron extraction circuit. When we pluck the electrons off the oxygen atoms, we have negative charged particles floatingaround in the water. Here we go to the stage of mega hydrogen production. We can’t go into atomic resonance by electricityalone.Monatomic hydrogen is the secret to how Stanley Meyer could power his VW engine on just 7 liters a minute of HHO.Electrolysis is a self-destructing reaction that lasts about 5 to 10 min. When we continue to increase the voltage we hitresonant action. We run hydrogen production for 5 seconds, we shut it off and we continue to produce hydrogen for another 94 seconds. We thus produce 19 times as much hydrogen gas at the output as on the input side of the system.Stanley Meyer stated that we have to maintain the industrial base because we don't have the means to replace it. We have tomodify the system to permit it to be retrofitted onto existing technology. Hydrogen burns around 325 cm per second that ismuch too fast. Water is like a sponge; it will absorb gasses. It will absorb 17-19% of ambient air. The bulk of which is madeup out of non-combustible gasses. This can be used to maintain a burn rate of 75 cm per second thus allow us to adjust the
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