Mobile: Disrupting How People Learn and Connect

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Mobile is disrupting many facets of life as we know it. From how we consume content and music to how students learn and connect. In this presentation, Michael shares insights about mobile as the great disruptor from his background as the Founder and former CEO of Blackboard and his new venture as CEO of SocialRadar ( Delivered at CTIA 2013 as a keynote on May 22, 2013.
  • 1. Mobile:Disrupting How People LearnAnd How People Connect
  • 2. The Blackboard StoryBorn fromeducation in 1997Brought to market aeLearning system in 1998 Extended product linesServes20,000+ institutions30m+ usersAcquired othereLearning providers
  • 3. Two Things Helped Me Keep ItAll in Perspectiveperspective
  • 4. …but you’re not a Doctor#1. – My Mom
  • 5. #2. – That just like theinternet disruptededucation, the next disruptoris always right around thecorner.Mobile is that disruptor.
  • 6. MUSIC
  • 7. CableVideo on DemandTELEVISION
  • 8. BOOKS
  • 9. OnlineProgramsBrick & Mortar CollegeEDUCATION
  • 10. CONNECTIONSIn-person Interaction
  • 12. I am entirely certain that twenty years fromnow we will look back at education as it ispracticed in most schools today and wonderhow we could have tolerated anything soprimitive.JOHN W. GARDNER,Education Secretary toPresident Lyndon Johnson,1965-1968
  • 13. I believe by using your online learning tools, gradebook and quizzesteachers can be more efficient and effective in delivering education.And with the new mobile tools teachers can respond to their studentswhenever they have a problem both inside and outside of class.Dr. Betty Shiffman, Associate Professor of English1. Mobile is becoming a core pieceof the education experience
  • 14. I feel that I must tell you that your software is ruining the educationalexperience that students are supposed to have in college.With your built in plagiarism detection it’s as if the teachers no longertrust the student’s work. And now with the ability to get everythingon our mobile device there is no excuse to ever miss an assignment.Thanks for helping take the fun out of college.1. Mobile is becoming a core pieceof the education experience
  • 15. 2. The price of education continuesto raise
  • 16. 3. Content can now successfully bedistributed on mobile devices.
  • 17. 4. MOOCs are showing you canteach thousands of students at once.
  • 18. When you bring these four items together you havesuccessfully lowered the barriers and cost for studentsto achieve a higher education thus disrupting the entireeducation system.So what this means is…
  • 20. 1. Most college students have a smartphone(a location beacon) and a profile on the web.
  • 21. 2. Students are comfortable sharing theirprofile and their location.
  • 22. 3. Students have thousands of friendsonline – it is difficult to remember who theyall are and how they know them.
  • 23. So what this means is…When you bring these three items together you allow for peopleto walk into a room and be aware of the people and connectionsaround them thus disrupting the way people interact with eachother, meet and make connections in person.
  • 24. Let me show you what that technology looks like.SocialRadar Demo
  • 25. Mobile is going to disrupt two of the mostfundamental pieces of our society – the waypeople learn and the way people connect.
  • 26. Email: michael@socialradar.comTwitter: @michaelchasenInstagram: MLChasenFacebook: Michael Chasen
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