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  Ghana institute of journalismNew Media AssignmentStudent name: Harriet KrahStudent ID:BACS 1! #e$el !%% &u'li( )elations A Profle o mysel.  M* name is Harriet A+osua Krah,I am -! *ears old and a third *ear student of the Ghana Institute of .ournalism, I am a Ghanaian and I hail from A'uri in the /astern )egion of Ghana,I reside at A(himota in the greater A((ra region of Ghana I was 'orn to Mr,/dward Krah of 'lessed memor* and Madam 0eli(ia e$u from the /astern and 2olta region of Ghana res3e(ti$el*, I had m* (re(he4+indergarten43rimar* and .unior high edu(ation at Bethan* Home A(adem* lo(ated at madina in the Greater A((ra region of Ghana,0rom where I (ontinued m* Senior high s(hool edu(ation at Ben+um Senior High S(hool 'etween the *ears of -%%5-%1-,I further (ontinued m* edu(ation at the Ghana Institute of .ournalism4from -%165to5date,I am a 3u'li( relations student at the Institute and 3resentl* in m* third *ear, I am a Christian and I worshi3 at Gra(e Gos3el 0amil* Chur(h where I 3la* the role of an announ(er, I lo$e reading4listening to musi( and wat(hing mo$ies, M* (ore $alues in life are 3ositi$e thin+ing and o3timism, I 'elie$e that with hard wor+4determination and the Gra(e of God4e$er* dream (an 'e attained, M* fa$orite 7uotes are 89Go (ondentl* in the dire(tion of *our dreams4li$e the life *ou;$e imagined,95<horeau,And se(ondl* 9<a+e the rst ste3 in faith4*ou don;t ha$e to see the whole stair(ase95Martin #uther King, I as3ire to 'e one of the greatest women who has e$er li$ed and to li$e foot3rints on the surfa(e of this earth, 0inall*4I 'elie$e that without God4nothing is 3ossi'le,   
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