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varied quiz questions on TQM
  1.A high RPN value needsSelect one:a. Less attention  b. High attention c. No attention at all d. High RPN value never results in any design evaluation process 2.A product fails at a rate of .1 failures for every one hour. !hat could be  probability that the product ay not survive during the first 1# hours of operation.Select one:a. 1$.%&  b. ''.((& c. (%.(& d. ().'& $.As per the *S+ standards, the nu ber of years should the daily product test reports be  preserved is ------- Select one:a. 1  b. $ c. 1 d. ' ./rainstor ing is nor ally used 0ith the Affinity iagra Select one:a. rue  b. 3alse #.4ontrol charts are used to deter ine 0hether ------------------ Select one:a. he process is in control  b. he product design eets custo er re5uire ents c. he correct achine is being used for the 6ob d. None of the above  ).4p can never be greater than 4p7 in agnitudeSelect one:a. rue  b. 3alse '.esign of e8peri ents often represent ------------- action to bring about i prove ent in the syste Select one:a. Proactive  b. Reactive (.3ailure ode detection post processing by auto ated controls that 0ill detect discrepant part for process 39A has a ran7 of -------- Select one:a.   b. ' c. $ d. % %.*f all the points in a control chart are 0ithin li its 0e ------- say that the process is in controlSelect one:a. 4an  b. 4annot 1.*f the value of p in an np chart is .1 and the nu ber of ite s in each sa ple is ), thenu ber of defective pieces 0ill be ----------- Select one:a. 1  b. 1 c. Neither of the above 11.*f 0e need to study  factors, each at 2 levels, in an e8peri ent, the total nu ber of e8peri ental units 0ill be ------- in a factorial design.Select one:a. (  b. 1) c. None of the above  12.*n choosing bet0een the range R and S to plot 0ith the ;bar, the ain consideration is ------------- Select one:a. he ease of the calculation  b. he nu ber of observations c. /oth a and b d. None of the above 1$.*n 39A diagra , the definition for <ho0 the failure could occur= is tagged under  ---------- Select one:a. +ccurrence  b. Severity c. 9echanis s of failure d. Potential effects of failure 1.*n the ----------- 0e plot the data points 0ithout plotting the >4L and L4LSelect one:a. Run chart  b. 4ontrol chart c. None of the above 1#.*n the ------------ chart, 0e have a sa ple si?e of one.Select one:a. ;bar and R  b. ;bar and S c. ; and R9 d. None of the above 1).*n the cause and effect diagra @*shi7a0a diagra , it is better to have fe0 branches as opposed to any branchesSelect one:a. rue  b. 3alse My Argument is the question says “the main consideration” and not the various considerations.Also ‘R’ is an easy method but accurate way is ‘S’So ans “c” should not be selected-  1'.*n the Bariables 4ontrol 4hart 0e count and record the nu ber of defective unitsSelect one:a. rue  b. 3alse 1(.*t is necessary to 7no0 the ----------- to calculate the standard deviation.Select one:a. Average  b. 9edian c. None of the above 1%.+ne a ong the follo0ing helps in co unicating effectively 0ith in a group in a structured and creative anner.Select one:a. 9S  b. C3 c. C9S d. RP 2.Select one:a. Strong  b. 9oderate c. No Ans rom general reading o the sub#ect. $ot very sure. Any better suggestions% true even though communication with customers and within organisation is one o the &illars o 'MS
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